Day of the Dolphin


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“Shining her light like a torch, Summer shows her readers the way out of the darkness of the old world and how to live in the light of the new world that’s emerging all around us right now. And every one of us, wherever and whoever we are, can find reassurance, inspiration and learn from her beautiful and practical message.”

Day of the Dolphin gives you the tools to create a life that is healthy, happy and meaningful. Summer shows you a completely new way of looking at the world which will help you have the life you really deserve. This is inspiring work.

Day of the Dolphin book cover

About 'Day of the Dolphin'

So, are you a Shark, a Salmon or a Dolphin? Will you choose to carry on in the old ways (Shark or Salmon) or will you now choose to shine your light as a Dolphin and have the amazing life that you so deserve?

There’s no doubt that we are living in amazing (and challenging) times and the world as we know it is transforming in a way that we can’t even imagine yet. But one thing is for sure – we have just stepped in to a new ‘frequency’ where the people who behave more like Dolphins – creative, resilient, charismatic, co-operative and above all, authentic - will now be the people who are successful and happy in life.

‘Day of the Dolphin’ lets you in on the secret of what is really happening on our planet at the moment and how to ride this wave of change to become the beautiful Dolphin that you truly are.

Your time has come.

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